Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wrap It Up

Shopping for gifts is sooo fun! I absolutely LOVE gift giving especially when I know that I got the perfect gift for that person. It doesn't take much to find that right gift for that special person. It usually only takes listening and observing. People usually talk about things they like or want. Keep your ears open and make a note in your phone if they say something specific.

Two weeks ago I attended my cousin's baby shower. A couple of us went in on the gift and got the High Chair on their registry. As you can imagine that box was not small (or light, for that matter). Most people wouldn't wrap it and at most would put it in a large bag. I definitely could not settle for that. I wanted to keep the surprise. I wanted the outside to reflect the care and time that we used to pick the gift. It took a roll of wrapping paper, scrap book paper and a little creativity. I am so glad that I wrapped it. And it got many positive reactions at the shower.

Don't be afraid to be creative with wrapping. Sometimes the littlest details make even the most practical gift a pleasure to receive. It doesn't take that much time to personalize a gift and it doesn't have to cost a lot. Just use the resources you already have. Have fun with it and enjoy the smiles when the person receives their gift.

Monday, July 21, 2014

There is No Boring in the Details

Being a Lifestyle Manager/Personal Assistant can be described as many thing, but boring is not one of them! You never know what may come your way on any given day. That might be one of the top reasons I enjoy it so much. Each day holds so much opportunity. It may sound silly to some, but I love running errands. Being out and about affords me the opportunity to meet so many awesome people. 

Recently over the past 4 weeks I have had the opportunity to help several families with House and Dog Sitting. 75% of the gigs I had in the span of 3 weeks were pretty last minute...like two to three days prior to them leaving last minute. Sometimes that can be overwhelming and a stretch to figure out with your schedule, but usually it just takes sitting down with a good cup of coffee and creating a strategy.

One of the families just needed a couple check ins on their home. Pick up mail, any newspapers on
the driveway, checking the home appliances and running the water. They were gone for over 2 weeks. They have an alarm system and great neighbors, so staying there was not required. While they were gone they turned the AC off. Since there wasn't any traffic coming and going in the house it wasn't too bad when I would make a check in, but near the end of the time it was getting a little stuffy...especially since Tennessee was experiencing the 90'F sun and humidity at this point. Coming home to a hot house is somewhat uncomfortable. The morning of the day that the family was coming home, I made sure to run by their house and turn on the AC. I also left a little surprise. I put some fresh flowers in the kitchen. Who doesn't like the aroma of roses brightening up the space? You may think that these 2 gestures are not big deal...unless you're the one traveling in a car all day after being gone for almost 3 weeks. Flowers are always welcoming and you just can't go wrong with a cooled off home.

It's the small details that get you called back. It's the initiative that really makes you stand out. Sometimes it's as easy as thinking about what you would want that helps you go the extra mile for someone else. The flowers were not that expensive, especially when you consider that it usually gives you a returning client. Be creative with the details.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Lifestyle Management

Mission Statement:
To offer exceptional assistance in meeting the needs and improving the lifestyle of each client.

Vision Statement:

Helping individuals and families in the greater Nashville area improve their quality of life with discreet, dependable, and proactive assistance.

Scheduling/Appointment Setting
  • Managing and setting appointments, rescheduling as needed
  • Attending appointments when needed
  • Making reservations at restaurants, etc

Travel Arrangements

  • Book travel including purchasing flights, reserving cars, hotels, yachts/boats, car services, etc
  • Schedule Vacations and Excursions
  • Create Travel Itineraries
  • Travel Companion as needed

Estate Services / Household Management
  • Home Organization and Projects
  • Personal Accounting: Bill Pay
  • Supervising Maintenance, Repairs and Installments
  • House Sitting
  • Hire and manage drivers, trainers, groundskeepers, nannies, cooks, maids/housekeepers, movers, interior designers, laundry services, etc
  • Holiday/Seasonal Decorating
  • Vehicle Maintenance - scheduling car washes/detailing, oil changes, tire rotations, etc

Personal Shopper
  • Grocery
  • Clothing/Shoes/Accessories
  • Gifts

Errand Services
  • Post Office, Express Mailing Services
  • Bank
  • Dry Cleaning Drop Off and Pick Up
  • Courier
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Data Entry / Typing
  • Notarizing
  • Tailor

  • Review, sorting, forward incoming mail
  • Reply Correspondence / Addressing / Mailing
  • Email review, sorting, forward
Social Media
  • Help maintain and review various social media outlets

Special Event Planning, Holiday Preparation
  • Plan and execute special parties
  • Plan and execute birthday parties, family occasions, reunions